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I am already writing a weekly throwback on sundays in German for several months so far. Now I’d like to start writing a post once a week about my bookish week in a throwback in english. Because Saturdays seem to be the perfect day to look back into the week, I think I start at that point and observe how things will work out. I am looking forward to your feedback, so feel free to comment and tell me how you like the idea of it. – So what happened last week in the bookish world?

Currently Reading

Since I started on Nevernight two weeks ago I am fiercly in love with Jay Kristoffs way of writing. So after I finished reading the first book I went over to Godsgrave, the second novel of the Nevernight-Chronicles. And, oh dear gentlefriends, so far I love everything so much! I am so found of Mr. Kindley and the way the narrator is again playing with our minds. The footnotes are my most favorite part – I literally screamed with joy the moment the first one appeared.


„The City of Bones and Bridges“, the speaker mused. „No place more dangerous in all the Republic.“ „You’ve not seen my laundry basket,“ Mia replied.
Mia & Adonai | Godsgrave | Jay Kristoff | page 69

Besides Godsgrave I also started on Oblivion the third book of the Obsidian series IMG_1315-2of Jennifer L. Armentrout which is told out of the perspektiv of Daemon. I love reading of his perspectiv! It is so much fun but still a book that is just something for in-between and for fans only. On the picture you can see the German cover. I love them so much that I couldn’t resist into buying them though they cost way more than the english version.
I started on reading Wonder Woman back in March but still I can’t get into the story. It’s not like I don’t enjoy reading it. The writing style and the issue is quite good but I guess I’m not in the mood for a story like that so I’ll wait and see at which time I’ll pick it up again. But I think right at this moment I’ll stick to the books of Jay Kristoff before I’ll continue reading the other ones I started.

Newest Reviews

I’ve been busy this week uploading two new reviews into english. Both of them are reviews of books I’ve read some time ago but the reviews have been so far in German. Since I started writing also into english I thought about translating older reviews too. This week I chose The Last Magician, one of my Highlights of 2017. I didn’t know anything about Lisa Maxfield before I came upon this novel. I fell in love with the worldbuilding and the topic of time traveling and of course the magic part.
The next one followed today: Slammed by Colleen Hoover. It was also my first Hoover and I badly fell in love with her way of telling a love story. She is capable of destroying you completly and putting oneself back together piece by piece. I love her books! Though I’ve only read so far three books of her I am going to add every single one on my reading list this year.

The Last Magician | Lisa Maxfield
Slammed | Colleen Hoover


Want-to-Read April

Wonder Woman (english)
Oblivion – Lichtflackern (german)
Nevernight (english)
Godsgrave (english)
Illuminae (english)
Superhero (german)
Leinsee (german)
Die Maske (german)
END (german)

Reading | Read



6 Kommentare zu „Weekly throwback

    1. Dear Angelica,
      thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      I love those covers too! Though I’ll also get the other ones – I love to have different covers of a series I fell for :D Maybe it is a little bit crazy, but I can’t get around it.
      Ouh, yess! I need to get Dawsons story soon! I love this series so much!

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. I totally get it with the different covers! I’m dying to get the UK cover for Strange the Dreamer, even though I already own the USA version. They are both really pretty in really unique ways! And I haven’t read Dawson’s story although I own it on ebook. I definitely have to get to it!

        Gefällt mir

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