Weekly Throwback

How are you doing? I was planning to upload my weekly throwbacks on every saturday, but I wasn’t around yesterday so that I missed writing about my bookish week. But I am catching up today! So – what was the bookworld doing last week?


My Bookworld

I am still reading Godsgrave by Mister Jay Kristoff! Though I paused it this week, because of the release of A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. MaasIMG_3694Actually, I was going to wait for the book. In the end, I was too curious and impatient to wait any longer and downloaded the e-book and started reading. I am already close to the end so I will finish this novel today. I was really excited to enter Prythian and meet our lovely characters again.
Meanwhile it is finally May, which makes me very happy, because my birthday is just around the corner. I have already put my want-to-read-list online a few days ago and I am so looking forward to the books I plan to read this month. Most of the times I don’t even follow what I planned but I enjoy myself to much by writing down the books I love to read that I can’t stop creating reading lists every month.

Want-to-read May

A Court of Frost and Starlight
Queen of Shadows
Thunder Head

Reading | Read

My World

I’ve been busy this week and written down the review of A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury. Today I’d like to look back to the review of A Court of Wings and Ruin so that every book of this gorgeous book series will be reviews into english on my blog before I start typing down A Court of Frost and Starlight. I thought I could resist buying the ebook on the release day and wait for the book to arrive but I failed the moment I saw every book blogger reporting on the novel. Ah, maybe it doesn’t make sense when you don’t live in Germany and a lot of you might wonder why I just didn’t end up in a book store or preordered the book early enough to receive it in time; well, we had a national holiday on May, 1st so that every store has been closed and no book was in sight of coming in. Funfact: I was so busy that I didn’t read immediatly through the book so that I am still reading the ebook while the actual book arrived yesterday. Any regrets? Nope.


Are you writing about your bookish week? Do you have a weekly throwback? Or do you like so start one? Please sent me your links so that I can look around, I am so curious about what’s going on in your bookworld!




Ein Kommentar zu „Weekly Throwback

  1. Liebe Buchnachbarin,
    deine englischen Rückblicke gefallen mir richtig gut :)
    Witzig, dass du dir extra das ebook gekauft hast und es noch nicht durch hattest, als das Buch eintrudelte, hihi.
    Manchmal ist das so. Aber wie du schon sagst: wir bereuen dann trotzdem nichts.

    Liebe! <3

    Gefällt mir

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