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I remember the day it happened. More even I remember the deep sorrow I felt, the emotions that overwhelmed me. Still do, everytime I think back to that horrible day. I’ve been savely home, in Germany. But I will never forget the shooting at the Orlando Pulse Club. All those precious lives… all those people who where just seeking fun and love. Dead. 49 people, dead. I needed my time reading this comic. I started quite a while back but I needed a break because of all the emotions that overwhelmed me and didn’t let go all to easily. Every now and then I picked Love is Love up again to read a few stories but they always devastated me, left me crying, heartbroken but at the same time hopeful. Today felt like the right day to finally read it through, so that I will know every single story, every thought of every single artist. I am so grateful for all those amazing people spending their time telling us what love means. 



Title: Love is Love | Author: Marc Andreyko [Project Organizer] | Number of pages: 144 | Genre: Comic Anthology | Publisher: IDW Publishing | Price: 9,99 €  9,99 $ | ISBN: 978-1631409394|

Where can you get it? Love is Love* [Germany]  Amazon [UK]   Amazon [US]


The comic industry comes together in honor of those killed in Orlando. Co-published by two of the premiere publishers in comics—DC and IDW, this oversize comic contains moving and heartfelt material from some of the greatest talent in comics, mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today’s world. All material has been kindly donated by the writers, artists, and editors with all proceeds going to victims, survivors, and their families. Be a part of an historic comics event! It doesn’t matter who you love. All that matters is you love. [IDWPublishing]

Reading Time

This is my very first comic review and it is also my first review of an anthology. I thought it would be difficult to talk about a story which is told by so many different authors. But it isn’t. It is easy to talk about this comic, about all these stories. Because they’re all without mistake wonderfully interpreted. Every writer and illustrator put all his heart and so much love into this project. You can feel their grief and hope. Hope for all those people who help making this world a better place. For all the changes that have already occurred and the change we will still bring into this world. It is a magnificent sign for love and the good in people.

„We aren’t born with hate in our heart. – We teach it.“
Love is Love | Dan Jurgens |

Besides the great message this book delivers upon us I fell for the idea of using so many different artists und writers to show that love has all kind of different faces and ways to show it. This was the best way to create a message about the diversity of love.

„Because nothing – not ignorance, not hatred, no violance – will ever stop us from looking for love or being ourselves.“
Love is Love | Tony Bedard

The variety of drawing and writing style is impressive. By using different artists the emotions get transmitted to the reader in an intensive way. The length of the individual comics does not extend beyond two pages. Most of them are only one page long. Sometimes the story isn’t even a full comic, here and there are a few artworks that evoke great emotions without any text at all. Delivering great messages by using just a few elements and space is devastatingly formidable. Sometimes it only needed one word to move me to tears.


The artists often referred to the day of the attack and the way people reacted watching or listening to the news. Children are often playing along to demonstrate the actual innocence of humanity when raising a child without hatred or prejudices. The big question of Why is always between the lines making the reader wonder how anyone could feel so much hatred to do so much arm to so many people.

So here I am, not sure what to write, too upset, too angry, too overwhelmed, too self conscious, too scared to find words, I need to say something — as a writer, as an ally, as an american, as a human. But all I can think to write is we’re better than this, I know we are, I hope we are, I’m sorry, I love you.
Love is Love | written by Matthew Rosenberg


Love is Love delivers one of the most important messages in our time. It shows in so many impressive ways what love means and that hope for a better time, a better future for all of us is always something to look forward to. I highly recommend this comic to everyone. It will shatter your life, your heart and all your being.

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