Weekly Words

Hello and welcome to my weekly throwback. I’d love to tell you about my week ordered in three topics: My Nerdworld, My World and The World. In Nerdworld I will write about what I am currently reading, watching or listening to. In My World it will get a little bit personal, because I will tell you about my life, what’s going on and talk a tiny bit about myself. In The World I’d like to refer to the latest important topics. So let’s start!

My Nerdworld

I started studying medicine which is why I hadn’t had time for reading or other stuff, which is why I am catching up a lot during non-term. So what I am doing in my free time lately?

Currently Reading

I started my vacation with reading a stack of german books. They have been all written by Benedict Wells, who is an extremely talented german writer. His books get translated into english too, so you should really check him out. Next to my german reads, I started reading the fourth book of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I love her world building and writing style so much. Her handling of character development is astonishingly accurate. I hope to get through Queen of Shadows quickly. My further reading list for my vacation looks like this so far:

German Books

Fast genial
Becks letzter Sommer
Das Genie
Die Verlegerin
Die allertraurigste Geschichte
Darm mit Charme

English Books

Golden Son
Morning Star
When the Air Hits Your Brain 
Stalking Jack the Ripper
The Devils Thief
Queen of Shadows

Reading | Read

Currently Reading.jpg

Currently Watching

Do you know The Umbrella Academy? I started watching the series a few days ago and I really like it so far! The different style of characters and the topic of time traveling is so well worked out. I am curious as to how everything will end. I am thinking about buying the comic on which the series is based.
Last night I went to see The Green Book with my husband. And what can I say? We loved the movie so much! There are some very good reasons as to why it got the Oscar for Best Movie. The dramatic ability, the way the movie has been constructed and worked out, the way they placed the important and political scenes have been so emotional. And on top of it all the entertaining part! The conversations between Tony and Dr. Don Shirley contained a good balance of humorous and serious parts.

Currently listening

Since summer I am all over Queen. But after watching the movie Bohemian Rapsody I am like in love with them! The band, the music, the mere feeling of their history. Every song triggers so many feelings… I love listening to them all day long.

Currently Blogging

A few days ago the Candle Box by Stellette’s Soycandles arrived. I love Stellas sense for style and her unique note. You have to check her candles out. If you’re curious you can look up my Unboxing.

Stellette Soycandles-6

My World

I just received an E-Mail containing my upcoming tests for the next Semester and it seems like my non-terms are as good as over. I need to cancel my planned visit to the upcoming book fair Leipziger Buchmesse and I guess my reading list might be more difficult to succeed. But I will see what the next weeks will be like.
As I’ve already mentioned: I’ve been to the cinema on Thursday watching The Green Book and I am so thrilled! This movie is so incredibly important. Don’t miss it!

The Green Book.jpg

The rest of the weekend has been quite busy for me although I had a weekend off and needn’t to go to work. There still has been plenty of stuff to do. Besides I am trying to spend as much time learning for my upcoming term as I can so there isn’t anything else I can report so far. Hope you’re enjoying your time!



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