Rezension: Charlie and Nick


TITLE: Nick and Charlie | AUTHOR: Alice Oseman | NUMBER OF PAGES: 120 | GENRE: Young Adult | PUBLISHED: July 16th 2015 | PUBLISHER: Harper Collins Children’s Books| PRICE: 8,49 € | ISBN: 9780008147877|


CHARLIE: “I have been going out with Nick Nelson for two years. He likes rugby, Formula 1, dogs, the Marvel universe, the sound felt-tips make on paper, rain and drawing on shoes. He also likes me.”

NICK: “Things me and Charlie Spring do together include: Watch films. Sit in the same room on different laptops. Text each other from different rooms. Make out. Make food. Make drinks. Get drunk. Talk. Argue. Laugh. Maybe we’re kind of boring. But that’s fine with us.”

Everyone knows that Nick and Charlie are the perfect couple – that they’re inseparable. But now Nick is leaving for university, and Charlie will be left behind at Sixth Form. Everyone’s asking if they’re staying together, which is a stupid question – they’re ‘Nick and Charlie’, for God’s sake!

But as the time to say goodbye gets inevitably closer, both Nick and Charlie question whether their love is strong enough to survive being apart. Or are they delaying the inevitable? Because everyone knows that first loves rarely last forever…

Reading Time

The authors books are so very different about the main topics and the storys she writes about. Still the books have one thing in common: Alice Oseman writes about young adults thoughts and problems. Mental health, sexuality, the fear about the very own future and the pressure weighting on their shoulders.

Why would anyone just end a relationshop because it’s got to go long distance for a bit?
– Charlie, p.72

Nick and Charlie are one of those rare sweet innocent couples. They are struggling about one thing that is bothering a lot of teenage couples standing on the edge to take the next big step in life: College. Nick is ready to go to college. He is very excited about this new stage of life. Charlie on the other hand is upset about Charlie leaving. He is worried about wether their relationship will live through long distance.

Nick and Charlie is a Novella containing many emotions, a short story and important messages in just a few pages.


As usual I love to recommend everything Alice Oseman writes oder draws. Her storys are lovely, deep and ready to soak you in.


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