Rezension: Irgendwann wird es gut by Joey Goebel


Titel: Irgendwann wird es gut | Autorenname: Joey Goebel| Seitenanzahl: 320 | Verlag: Diogenes VerlagPreis: 22,00 € Hardcover | ISBN: 978-3-257-07059-0 | Sprache: Deutsch | Erscheinungstermin: 01. März 2019  |
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Weekly Words

Hello and welcome to my weekly throwback. I’d love to tell you about my week ordered in three topics: My Nerdworld, My World and The World. In Nerdworld I will write about what I am currently reading, watching or listening to. In My World it will get a little bit personal, because I will tell you about my life, what’s going on and talk a tiny bit about myself. In The World I’d like to refer to the latest important topics. So let’s start! Continue reading „Weekly Words“