Review: Godsgrave

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Attention please! This review is about the second book of the Nevernight-Chronicles. If you continue reading it might spoiler you concerning the first book. – You have been warned. 

Conquer your fear. Conquer the world.

As one of my most favourite book bloggers Jill fell in love with Nevernight and Jay Kristoff as the first book has been released in Germany back in 2017, I immediately bought the series without thinking twice. Though I needed my time reading this masterpiece, it was worth it. I am hopelessly in love with this series. „Review: Godsgrave“ weiterlesen

Review: Dumplin‘ – Go big or go Home


I’ve become aware of Dumplin‘ during the book fair back in March in Leipzig. My lovely bookfriend Jill was crazy about this book and talking about it like all the time. When I was at a day trip in London in April I couldn’t resist and bought the book. I got all the more excited as Jill wanted to read this book together! Reading with somebody else at the same time is the best thing when it comes to reading times. It is great to have somebody to talk to while reading a specific book. Though we enjoyed our time I wasn’t as thrilled about the book in the end as I was hoping for at the beginning. „Review: Dumplin‘ – Go big or go Home“ weiterlesen