Sarah Who…? startet as my personal website for my writing projects. Over the years it became a huge part of my life where I’d love to share everything that is going through my mind. The main topics frame bookish themes, music, travelling and everything I put passion into.

Who am I?

My name is Sarah Ricchizzi. Funny thing is that a lot of people suspect that it is a pseudonym but it is actually my real name. Well the one I took from my husband to be precisely. I named my blog after myself because this is who I am. Everything on this blog, every post, every book I love, every book I hate, everything I write is about myself and what means the most to me. This blog startet as a writing blog and is now about everything that concerns my world, mainly books of course. Though I am from Germany I started writing in english in March 2018. Through social media I’ve got to know so many people all over the world that I wanted to try writing my posts in english too. It is an incredible feeling to reach so many people and to get in contact with them. Isn’t it amazing how all these things connect people with each other? I love it and could never stop to learn and read about everyone everywhere throughout the world. If you’d like to know more about who I am, check out this page where I’ve written a little bit more about myself.

The Book World

Of course the main course leads to all the books I am currently reading, I read or that I plan to read. I love to write reviews, especially when I’ve got completely overwhelmed by a story. One that soaked me in, wrapped me, thrilled me and didn’t let me go for a long time. I adore the feeling of finding the book. A book that gives you the feeling of home even in a fantasy world. A book that catches you so hard that you just can’t let go. You want to read this story like for ever so that you don’t have to miss all those great moments and characters. A book that you love so much that you wish you could read it for the first time again, so that you could relive the first feeling that made this book so special for you.
Besides reading books I love to look up merchandise for it. Especially T-Shirts and candles. I ended up getting a few book boxes to gather a few bookish merchandise.

Movie World

Though quite spontaneous I startet writing about movies with Becca. We were discussing movies that we love and ended up writing every Saturday about a specific genre.

Traveling World

Over the time I noticed how much I like posts about traveling. I’ve read a lot about Bucket Lists concerning World Traveling and finally ended up writing my own one. From now on I’d like to write about my traveling and what I experienced over the time. I am really looking forward to those moments!


My World

I started writing about all the things I love, like the Nevernight-Chronicles, Headphones or my own personal freedom. Those topics are quite different. I write about these things in different time episodes. Up to this point I have written those posts only in german. But I will start writing them over the time into english too.