Leidenschaft Bloggen


Heute möchte ich euch etwas über meine große Leidenschaft Bloggen erzählen. Wieso mache ich das eigentlich? Weshalb so viel Zeit in einen Blog investieren, ellenlange Beiträge runtertippen, Fotos drapieren, recherchieren und am Ende noch schön verpacken? Spoiler vorab: Weil ich es liebe.
Dieser Beitrag ist natürlich nicht nur auf meinen Mist gewachsen, es entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit Nicci [Trallafittibooks] und landet unter unsere Rubrik: Die Buchnachbarinnen. Continue reading „Leidenschaft Bloggen“

Review: It ends with us

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Writing this review isn’t an easy task for me. Nicci [Trallafittibooks] and Jill [Letterheart] already warned me that this book will be extremely emotional.
They said: You can’t compare it to any other story. It will destroy you. It might even influence your way of thinking or even your entire life. Though I’ve been quite skeptical after reading the first chapters after a while I’ve got mesmerized by the course the story was taking. And now? I feel completely destroyed. Continue reading „Review: It ends with us“

Review: Paper Butterflies

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After one of my most trustworthy bookblogger Jill [Letterheart] finished reading Paper Butterflies with tears streaming down her face she told us repeately how badly we have to read this book. I ended up buying the paperback as both of us were strolling down the streets of London back in November. Only after Becca [Beccas Leselichtung] picked up the book at Niccis [Trallafittibooks] living room and fell for the story, I needed to start reading it too. And am incredibly happy that I finally read through this infinitely important story of June. Continue reading „Review: Paper Butterflies“