Review: Love is Love


I remember the day it happened. More even I remember the deep sorrow I felt, the emotions that overwhelmed me. Still do, everytime I think back to that horrible day. I’ve been savely home, in Germany. But I will never forget the shooting at the Orlando Pulse Club. All those precious lives… all those people who where just seeking fun and love. Dead. 49 people, dead. I needed my time reading this comic. I started quite a while back but I needed a break because of all the emotions that overwhelmed me and didn’t let go all to easily. Every now and then I picked Love is Love up again to read a few stories but they always devastated me, left me crying, heartbroken but at the same time hopeful. Today felt like the right day to finally read it through, so that I will know every single story, every thought of every single artist. I am so grateful for all those amazing people spending their time telling us what love means.  „Review: Love is Love“ weiterlesen