Was wäre, wenn Liebe frei wäre?

Diesen Beitrag schreibe ich anlässlich des Pride Months, der morgen zu Ende geht. Vielmehr hat mich dieser Monat zu diesem Text inspiriert. Wie immer ist jeder dazu eingeladen, sich dem kreativen Schreiben in jeder Form anzuschließen. Eigentlich ist jede künstlerische Umsetzung denkbar!  Continue reading „Was wäre, wenn Liebe frei wäre?“

Review: Queens of Geek

Für die deutsche Rezension habe ich Gründe aufgeschrieben, weshalb man zu diesem Roman greifen muss. Klickt gerne hier, um zu erfahren, weshalb ihr Queens of Geek lesen solltet.

On the occasion of the current Pride Month I read Queens of Geek and I’d love to tell you why excactly I fell in love with this heartbreaking book.  Continue reading „Review: Queens of Geek“

Review: Love is Love


I remember the day it happened. More even I remember the deep sorrow I felt, the emotions that overwhelmed me. Still do, everytime I think back to that horrible day. I’ve been savely home, in Germany. But I will never forget the shooting at the Orlando Pulse Club. All those precious lives… all those people who where just seeking fun and love. Dead. 49 people, dead. I needed my time reading this comic. I started quite a while back but I needed a break because of all the emotions that overwhelmed me and didn’t let go all to easily. Every now and then I picked Love is Love up again to read a few stories but they always devastated me, left me crying, heartbroken but at the same time hopeful. Today felt like the right day to finally read it through, so that I will know every single story, every thought of every single artist. I am so grateful for all those amazing people spending their time telling us what love means.  Continue reading „Review: Love is Love“