Weekly Words

Hello and welcome to my weekly throwback. I’d love to tell you about my week ordered in three topics: My Nerdworld, My World and The World. In Nerdworld I will write about what I am currently reading, watching or listening to. In My World it will get a little bit personal, because I will tell you about my life, what’s going on and talk a tiny bit about myself. In The World I’d like to refer to the latest important topics. So let’s start! „Weekly Words“ weiterlesen

Weekly throwback


I am already writing a weekly throwback on sundays in German for several months so far. Now I’d like to start writing a post once a week about my bookish week in a throwback in english. Because Saturdays seem to be the perfect day to look back into the week, I think I start at that point and observe how things will work out. I am looking forward to your feedback, so feel free to comment and tell me how you like the idea of it. – So what happened last week in the bookish world? „Weekly throwback“ weiterlesen